Our Objectives

  • To propagate the Gospel as set out in the Great Commission (Matt 28 19-20),
  • To uphold the Presbyterian form of governance, reformed tradition, theology, and style of worship,
  • To create a community of believers through the enhancement of spiritual and social activities consistent with the Christian faith,
  • To co-operate with other like-minded persons and groups to achieve our spiritual, cultural, and social responsibilities,
  • To preserve African culture, approach to worship, and enhance the sense of extended community,
  • To create an extended family environment through home-based fellowships usually referred to as “Districts”, hence strengthen community cohesion,
  • To engage in and promote charitable causes that are agreed by members for the furtherance of their well-being, and
  • To practice and uphold the principles of the service and servanthood through the involvement of members in the worship and social activities.