Church School Background

UK PCEA Church School consists of children within the range of two (2) years to eleven (11) years. Upon reaching age 11.5, the children move on to Junior Youth as they progress to Secondary School. Children have joint sessions and at times are divided into groups by age for lesson activities.

We use the GO TEACH books series for teaching our children. These books have structured lessons and activities and follow a series of bible lessons. They have many other activities such as Quizzes, exercise, singing, dancing, drama, Arts & Craft and many more. Their weekly homework is derived from these books.

Church School Activities and Teachers

The children have Church school trips and outings like going to the seaside, bowling, ice skating, cinema and others. They also join in other family church activities like mass choir, Christmas Carol service, sports day, barbecue and others.

Each year the children take part in CP4J (Children proclaiming for Jesus) church school competition with different churches based in different parts of the UK. They present songs, dance and drama. This gives our children an opportunity to develop and show case their talents. It also enables us to work in partnership with other church schools and groups. The children have won the competition several times.

We have a strong team of teachers who are very motivated, consistent and dedicated to this ministry. We have two teachers per session and we have a lesson every week. Our Senior Youth play a significant role in teaching and bring new ideas, energy and synergy to the ministry. May God bless our teachers mightily for investing in our Children.